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Charlie the Photobus is now Ticinese!

VW Photobus

Charlie the Photobus is the fanciest Hippie in Switzerland. He is an oldtimer with a young soul which still has a lot to offer.

Charlie is your witness at your wedding, your best friend on your birthday, the star of open air events, the partyanimal of your party and the entertainer at the annual festival.

His unique talent is to capture special moments with the help of his photo booth. That way, you have the most beautiful moments of your party in photos captured.


Make Someone Happy 😉

Charlie the Photobus

Charlie is a

Photo Booth & Photobus

Charlie is a 78 model VW T2 Typ-II Westfalia Special Champagne Edition.

It is important to Charlie to spread the joy wherever he enters the scene. Having fun with your guests is therefore at the top of his list.

As you can see, he is a rarity on the market that makes everyone’s heart beat faster.

Charlie is bus with a Photo booth. But not only that! He is much more than a Photobus.

Who is Charlie?

Charlie the Photobus

Charlie the Photobus is a VW Bus with photo booth embedded inside. Although it’s an oldtimer the VW Photobus Charlie has the most modern technics, in case we are talking about a photobus.

Charlie has a professional Canon DSLR Camera, a Philips Hue Smart LED-Lichtsystem, a Touchscreen Smart-Monitor and a Thermosublimations-Photoprinter which prints out the pictures with splendid colors in second. All these technological devices are there for you to experience a typical photoshooting.

Our fancy Hippie Charlie promises you the best quality of digital photos which are shot by a high-grade camera. There is the possibility of printing out the pictures immediately. The photos will keep their brilliant colors decades long.

There is also the possibility of downloading the pictures. The online gallery is protected by a password. The photos can be proved by the host before the guests see them. The pictures can be accepted or rejected.

Charlie is the special kind of Photobus with the motto:

“Make someone happy!”

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