Champagne Edition

Volkswagen Does It Again

Volkswagen Champagne Special Edition Flyer

You could find some pages of the Volkswagen Champagne Special Edition Flyer from the year 1978 here.

WV T2 Champagne Special EditionClick on the small picture above if you would like to download the flyer in pdf format.
You could pay a visit to the Volkswagen Museum in case you like the VW Oldtimers.

The Beetle Convertible Bus and Campmobile Champagne Edition II

1978 Volkswagen Champagne EditionChampagne Bus

Take the “Champagne Bus”.

The important feature that’s turning many station wagon buyers into VW Bus buyers is our ERA mileage estimate: 17 mpg city/25 mpg highway, with 4-speed manual transmission.* It’s what people who need room for up to 7 or 9 passengers are looking for — and finding in the VW Bus.

Who said you can no longer buy a roomy car. The VW Bus is the answer for those who want to carry the most for the least. Volkswagen knows there are drivers who need to carry up to 70% more stuff than large-sued passenger-car station wagons can. The rear seat backrest can be folded forward or the rear seat can be removed entirely so you can carry lots of cargo.


Surprise. 4-wheel independent suspension for a great ride! VW Buses ride like few passenger cars can because of their advanced torsion bar suspension.

Fuel-injection – and a Champagne Edition I model, too!

If you’re considering a super roomy, practical family wagon – take our Champagne Bus. It’s as beautiful as it is practical.

Volkswagen Does It Again!

VW uncorks Champagne Edition II.

Volkswagen Does It Again!

Champagne Edition II Volkswagen Bus with special two tone exterior. Date Nut Brown topped by Fox Red. Tinted glass all around la Included, along with a Sienna Brown interior, quartz crystal chronometer. Intermittent wiper cycle, color coordinated carpeting, and chrome bumpers with full-length heavy rubber insert strip.

* Actual mileage depends on how and you drive, vehicle’s condition and optional equipment.

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